Hair Medical Restoration

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Hair Medical Restoration

Medical surgeon in Tijuana B.C. Mexico, passionate about the quality care of treatments for all her patients.

“Hair transplant is a branch of medicine that is growing, currently we have a large number of evidence-based studies that help us as doctors to guarantee a good result, always working with the highest technology and innovation, with the aim of providing the patient with an improvement in their physical and emotional being.

General medicine opens the doors to the knowledge, attitudes and discipline that are basic in our profession, the experience that it gives us dealing with patients of all kinds helps us to realize the importance of empathy and to use that knowledge to help.

Hair Medical Restoration gives us the opportunity to meet new patients daily and to be able to provide them with personalized attention. Seeing physical and emotional results after a good hair treatment is what gives satisfaction as a doctor. The medical area team gives us the opportunity to learn about the different areas that we have within the clinic, with the aim of evaluating and analyzing clinical cases in a more complete way, always thinking about the well-being of the patient.

- Be the change you want to see in the world

My hobbies are attending cultural events and performing outdoor activities.”

Graduated as Surgeon.